An Empowered Birth Experience

Through our active expertise with hospital births, our team of dedicated doulas will create an evidence-based strategy; leading you to an empowered birth experience.

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For Expectant Couples

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class

With or without booking comprehensive doula support you can prepare for your birth with the same cutting edge education and personal attention from Lisa Collins, your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Due to the public health crisis with Covid-19, this childbirth class for parents is currently being offered in an innovative ALL Live Stream and Online Format. Expectant parents will all sign on together to still gain the benefit of the class dynamic from the safety of your home. 

Group Class Registration

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For Nurses & Birth Professionals

Evidence Based Birth® Workshops, Classes & Seminars, Group Classes or Privately Organized Instruction – Earn Approved CEU’s

Evidence Based Birth® Classes                        Forming On Demand
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Savvy Birth Pro

WORKSHOP – 3 Nursing and ACNM Contact Hours

Comfort Measures for Labor & Delivery Nurses

Workshop –  ACNM Contact hours

Evidence Based Birth® | The Hospital Doulas | Orlando, FL | A great birth experience

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