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Feeling uncertain giving birth in these challenging and unprecedented times?


Concerned about the COVID-19 effects on your birth and hospital stay?


Worried about the random nature of which
Dr. will be “on call” for your birth?


Are family members, friends, or coworkers constantly pushing their opinions on you?


Not feeling as prepared as you thought you’d feel?


Feeling nervous about your adjustment without the help of loved ones??


Frustrated with impersonal group zoom classes?

give the gift of

Premium Doula Services

to that special expectant-parent in your life!

Confidence is as easy as 1…2…3!

Our trained Hospital Doulas will LISTEN to what matters most to YOU, help SHAPE your
approach to birth & GUIDE you through the PERSONALIZED birth experience you 

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Contact Us! Click Book YOUR Birth if you’re already sure you’d like us to be your doulas and you’ll be on your way to your confident birth! Connect with us! Click Book YOUR Consult if you’d like more information and you’ll receive an email to choose among convenient times to discuss your unique birth needs with us. Ultimately, we’ll talk by phone, video conference with Zoom, and, or, meet in person. Contract with us! When you’re thrilled with your choice, reserve your doulas for your estimated due date by entering into a standard contract by submitting your deposit all online. Voila! You and your partner instantly begin to benefit from your 24/7 access to your doula support, confidence, and information.
Meet Orlando’s Best Doulas
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Prepare and Plan in Your Virtual Prenatal Sessions

We’re honored to be part of your birth team! Here’s where the real fun begins. You’ll enjoy the convenience of a prenatal session in the comfort of your own home. This is where we really dig in and get to know you as individuals and as a couple. Only then will we know how best to prepare and support you! We do this by listening to your hopes, dreams and fears, resulting in a completely customized plan. Our only goal is to help you feel confident and excited for your upcoming labor and delivery, without any judgment or personal agenda. We’ll share our innovative tools and methods to help ensure that you and your partner will be on same page, decrease your stress level, and be poised to get the most out of your hospital birth experience.

Meet Orlando’s Best Doulas


Enjoy your Personalized, Protected Birth Experience

We’ll stay in close contact with you as your labor draws near, helping you determine if your labor has truly begun. We will share our vast experience to help you make the important decision of when to head to the hospital and put your personalized care into action!

Your doula will always be by your side helping you feel calm and comfortable, attuning to your every physical and emotional need. She will also help your partner stay informed and feel confident to support you in the ways that you want and need, so that you are able to share this intense life experience together as a couple. Regardless of how your labor unfolds, your doula will keep your birthing goals alive so that you can adapt to any changes in your plan. She will help ensure that your care stays on track, you and your partner’s voices are heard and that your hospital birth experience will be protected.  


Meet Orlando’s Best Doulas

These familes have had great birth experiences!

I didn’t know what to expect before, during, or after pregnancy/labor/ delivery, so having a doula to answer my questions, provide my husband and I with relevant information, and guide us through the process was unbelievably helpful.”

“Lisa definitely supported my wife well. She is worth her weight in gold.”

– Matthew R.

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We will never forget what she has done for our family and know she will be a part of bringing our next baby into the world. We love our doula – she would be the best decision for any expectant parents!”

– Lindsey B.

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We personally listen to your unique needs and take pride in hand picking the perfect doula team of 2 certified doulas just for you, thoughtfully chosen from our curated pool of exceptional doulas. Count on us to stay involved in your care, overseeing every detail of your custom experience from beginning to end.

We love thrilling our clients!

– Lisa Collins & Marnie Lea
Co-Founders of The Hospital Doulas & Associates

Who says you can’t have it all?


Enjoy the Expertise of a doctor, the Safety of a hospital,
and the Comfort of your doula!

Meet Orlando’s best doulas!

Don’t Go It Alone


Uncertain of COVID-19 restrictions


Ability to heal & cope back at home


Potentially avoidable C-Sections

Enjoy the Birth Experience!


Feel confident, calm, and in control


Enjoy a peaceful safe transition after baby


Equipped for the unpredictable nature of birth

Are you desperate to stop the endless internet searches for answers? Are you feeling overwhelmed by everyone’s
strong opinions? Is your partner’s experience important to you?  Do you want to reduce your risk of a c-section?

Our hospital doulas are uniquely trained to support your birth experience in the hospital setting.

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Your designated team of two certified doulas will help bring certainty to these unprecedented times.      

We’ve got you covered!