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Feeling Anxious About Your Birth Experience?

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Overwhelmed with your constant google searches?


Worried about the random nature of which Dr. will be "on call" for your birth?


Are family members, friends, or coworkers constantly pushing their opinions on you?


Not feeling as prepared as you thought you'd feel?


Feeling nervous about your adjustment without the help of loved ones??


Frustrated with impersonal group zoom classes?

Navigate Your Birth Like a Pro with Our Private One-on-One Virtual Hospital Birth Preparation!

All the knowledge you need.

Vital practical pro tips you want.

Respectful validation you deserve.


Congratulations to You Fertility Warriors! 

 Welcome to our nurturing and transformative space, specifically designed for individuals who have conceived with the assistance of reproductive medicine or for those of you pregnant with a Rainbow Baby! We take immense pride in providing the Gold Standard of specialized support, guidance, education, and birth preparation tailored just for you through our premium private virtual services.

Our compassionate Reproductive Emotional Support Team is dedicated to being there for you as your journey continues! We understand the significant challenges with embracing your pregnancy and are committed to providing you with the confidence, education, reassurance, and essential tools you need to fully embrace your pregnancy and successfully navigate your hospital birth.

When it comes to preparing for your hospital birth, you don’t know what you don’t know! Your journey is unique, and so is our approach. With personalized support and virtual sessions, we prioritize your well-being and empower you to make informed decisions about your birth plan.

You’ve put in tremendous effort to reach this point, and now it’s time to celebrate your journey with the R.E.S.T. you truly deserve—your Reproductive Emotional Support Team awaits!

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Our Story

We’re Here to Help You Embrace Your Pregnancy & Have The Best Hospital Birth Experience!

As certified professional birth doulas, childbirth educators and reproductive emotional support specialists with over a decade’s worth of experience specializing ONLY in hospital births, we 100% KNOW how to support and help you prepare for your hospital birth!

Hospital Birth Masterclass

The Gold Standard of Childbirth Preparation

Private | One-on-One | Virtual | Certified | Evidence Based  


Hospital Birth Masterclass

2 sessions | 4 hours total

Beyond the Basics $349


  • Expert Childbirth Instruction – with a Co-founder of The Hospital Doulas

  • Private Zoom Sessions – customized for you

  • Follow Up Call Before Your Birth for last minute questions & learn how to navigate your birth like a pro

  • Essential Birth Preparation Packet – mailed to you so you have cheat sheets to bring to the hospital

  • Evidence Based Birth® Resources – All Facts, No Crunch
  • Exclusive Birth Preferences Tool – getting clear on your options, knowledge and feeling confident

  • Specialized Hospital Birth Packing List – including pre and post birth supplies

  • Trusted Associate Referrals – the best of the best 

  • Bonus Gift – one of our favorite!

Together with our Hospital Doula Pro Tips, Insider Information and Effective Strategies, you will feel confident & prepared!

This will be you:

  • I’ll know exactly how to communicate with and the questions to ask my hospital team
  • My partner & I can successfully advocate for the best hospital care possible
  • I’m that “go-to” birth person in my circle of friends/family 
  • We garner respect and invite cooperation from my hospital care team 
  • I have realistic expectations of the labor process
  • I know how to decide when it’s time to head to the hospital 
  • I’ve taken the steps to control the controllable
  • My partner and I are a strong team
  • We didn’t allow ourselves to be  pushed into anything we didn’t want or need
  • I have credible information to make my own decisions about my care relying on Evidence Based Birth® publications like: on eating and drinking in labor, understanding due datessuspected big babiesfailure to progress (labor arrest), premature rupture of the membranes, and Group B Strep
  • My partner & I are clear on our Birth Preferences 

“When it comes to preparing for birth, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know but we’ve got you covered!”  

– Lisa Collins & Marnie Lea
Co-Founders of The Hospital Doulas & Associates

We Would Like To Gift You Our Specialized

Hospital Birth Packing List

This easy to use checklist takes the stress out of “what to pack” for your hospital birth and allows you to focus on the important things during this exciting time.


Easy to Use

No printer needed – check things off and add items right from your digital device.


Comprehensive List

From what to prepare before, to what to bring during, we’ve got you covered.


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Access for promo codes for vital classes and services offered by The Hospital Doulas.

“When I was first pregnant with my first daughter, I was terrified of labor and birth.

Countless friends told me about their traumatizing birth stories and I knew I wanted a different way.

The Hospital Doulas were there to put my worries to rest.

My husband and I felt so empowered being armed with evidence-based research and amazing support.

I trusted the process of labor and birthed my daughter with ease thanks to the Hospital Doulas!”

– Alycia

Who Says You Can’t Have it All?

Enjoy the safety of a hospital, the expertise of your provider, & the comfort of your doula!

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