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Doula Dash™

Hospital Doula

Hospital Doula

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Doula Dash™

Our “last minute” doula option with FaceTime/Zoom specialized hospital labor support – whether you’re not sure you’re in labor, facing an induction, or in triage, it’s never too late for virtual doula support! Don’t want or need prenatal education? We’ve still got you covered!

Virtual Hospital Birth Doula Support

Our premium virtual doula package complete with pregnancy support & prenatal education with FaceTime/Zoom specialized hospital labor support.

In-Person Hospital Birth Doula

Our premium in-person doula package complete with pregnancy support & prenatal education with face to face specialized hospital labor support

Private Virtual One-on-One Prenatal Sessions

Enjoy the convenience & build trust in an intimate setting

Unlimited Text/Phone Support

Begins as soon as you contract! Enjoy peace of mind & avoid needless anxiety.

Doula On-Call 2 Weeks Before Your Due Date

Know we’re ready for you day or night!

Virtual Early Labor Doulas Support

Reduce cesarean risk by not arriving at the hospital too early

Comprehensive Childbirth MasterClass

Learn to navigate your birth like a pro!

Hospital Birth ProTips

With a cumulative experience of over 16 years as certified doulas specializing exclusively in hospital settings, we are proud to offer indispensable hospital birth ProTips. These vital insights, honed through years of dedicated practice, are to enhance and empower your hospital birth experience.

Evidence Based Birth® Education

All facts, no crunch! Be prepared & set yourself up for success!

Premium Hospital Birth Packing List

This easy to use checklist takes the stress out of “what to pack” for your hospital birth and allows you to focus on the important things during this exciting time!

Exclusive Birth Options Tool

Great tool for identifying & prioritizing your birth preferences.

No Judgement & Unbiased Support

No judgment here, our only agenda is YOUR agenda

Pain Medication Management Options

Fully understand & consider all your options

Navigating the Hospital System like a Pro

We provide you with effective methods to skillfully navigate your hospital birthing journey, helping you avoid the unnecessary cascade of interventions and achieving more of your want and less of what you don’t want.

Strategies to Lower Your Risk Of Cesarean

Statistics show doulas decrease your risk of cesarean by 25%-29%. We share strategies for helping you decrease your risk!

Private Virtual Post-Birth Session

Get you and your family off to the best start after your birth

Trusted Associate Referrals

We make certain you’re getting the best services in town

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Gift our services to that special
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“When I was first pregnant with my first daughter, I was terrified of labor and birth.

Countless friends told me about their traumatizing birth stories and I knew I wanted a different way.

The Hospital Doulas were there to put my worries to rest.

My husband and I felt so empowered being armed with evidence-based research and amazing support.

I trusted the process of labor and birthed my daughter with ease thanks to the Hospital Doulas!”

– Alycia

Our Premium Doula Service Helps Ensure Your Baby
Will Get the Best Possible Start

You’ll be thrilled with the priceless photos your doula will take at your request.
Capturing the very first time you set eyes on your baby is a memory you’ll want to cherish forever!