Childbirth Classes: Private is Sometimes Best!

There’s something nostalgic about the thoughts of schlepping your pillows in-person to your local hospital birth class with a bunch of other expectant parents taught by a stereotypical childbirth educator in a flowy dress for a cringy evening of breathing together…but for the modern expectant parent, we have a better option loaded with benefits: private childbirth classes.

A Pivot to Private Online Childbirth Classes

During the pandemic, we couldn’t conduct childbirth classes in person and pivoted as many other businesses to a virtual world. We were so skeptical of how we could prepare expectant parents over Zoom.

Still, we were thrilled to find so many advantages! Immediately, we opted for one-on-one classes online instead of groups since we felt the group dynamic was a bit lost online anyway.

Once in our private setting, we found the preparation of our participants in our virtual sessions took on a completely different tone and cleared the way for real progress and meaningful preparation to take place between couples!

There seemed always to be a countdown for one of them to courageously voice their greatest fears about their birth, from a perineal tear to their partner’s abilities to support them to crucial in-law issues or concerns about how their partner will view them after the birth—all things they would likely not have brought up in a group class.

Of course, we still covered all the usual things like the labor process and tons of evidence-based facts so couples could advocate for themselves and navigate their hospital birth successfully.

But with the previously unspoken elephants in the room addressed and processed, you can see the heaviness lift and a real strong team dynamic emerge full of confidence, excitement, and joy, replacing any doubts, fears, and anxieties.

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The Benefits of Private Online Childbirth Classes for Hospital Birth Preparation

Among other benefits of private one-on-one virtual childbirth preparation, participants enjoyed the following:

1. Personalized Attention

Private online childbirth classes provide expectant parents with one-on-one sessions, allowing for a highly personalized experience. Unlike group classes, where content is standardized, private sessions can be tailored to your specific needs, concerns, and questions. Expert, certified doulas can focus on the topics that matter most to you and address your unique circumstances.

2. Flexibility

Life is busy, and finding time to attend in-person classes can be challenging. Private online childbirth classes offer the flexibility to schedule sessions at your convenience, whether during evenings, weekends, or even early mornings. This flexibility ensures you can receive the essential education without disrupting your daily routine.

3. Evidence-Based Information

Expert doulas specializing in evidence-based birth information bring a wealth of knowledge to your sessions. They provide you with the latest research and guidelines on childbirth, helping you make informed decisions about your birthing plan. This evidence-based approach ensures you receive accurate and up-to-date information.

4. Comfort and Privacy

Some expectant parents prefer a more intimate setting for learning about childbirth. Private online classes offer the comfort and privacy of your own home, allowing you to focus on the material without distractions. This environment can contribute to a more relaxed and conducive learning experience. Plus, our favorite perk – the participation of your beloved pets!

5. Comprehensive Preparation

Expert doulas go beyond basic childbirth education. They cover a wide range of topics, from labor and delivery to postpartum care, ensuring that you and your partner are thoroughly prepared for every stage of the journey. Private classes often allow for more in-depth coverage of these topics compared to group sessions.

6. Emotional Support

Childbirth is a significant life event, and emotions can run high. Expert doulas not only provide information but also emotional support. They can help you address any fears or anxieties and offer coping strategies to manage stress during pregnancy and labor.

7. Partner Involvement

Private classes encourage active involvement from birth partners. Expert doulas can coach partners on supporting the laboring individual, strengthening the birthing team’s bond and confidence.

8. Fewer Distractions than Group Childbirth Classes

In group settings, distractions from other participants can sometimes hinder your ability to engage with the material fully. Private online childbirth classes eliminate these distractions, allowing you to focus entirely on your preparation.

9. Post-Class Support

Expert doulas often offer post-class support, allowing you to reach out with questions or concerns as your due date approaches. This ongoing guidance can be incredibly reassuring during the final stages of pregnancy.

10. Empowerment

By receiving private childbirth education, you gain knowledge and confidence to advocate for your birth preferences and make empowered decisions during labor and delivery. This empowerment can lead to a more positive birth experience.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Private Online Childbirth Classes

In conclusion, private online childbirth classes led by expert doulas and grounded in evidence-based birth information offer a wealth of benefits. They provide personalized attention, flexibility, and the latest evidence-based knowledge, all in the comfort and privacy of your own space.

Moreover, the emotional support and comprehensive preparation you receive can lead to a more confident and empowered birth experience. When preparing for a hospital birth, consider the advantages of private online childbirth classes to ensure you’re well-equipped for this transformative journey.

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