“It’s hard to know where to begin! Right from the first meeting with Lisa, we knew we were in great hands. She’s such a warm loving soul and that radiates right from the start of your journey with her. A trusted guide all the way through, we both felt confident in our choices, made choices we didn’t know we had, and planned our ideal birth. No matter what the outcome, we knew we’d have an amazing advocate in our corner. When my labor started, I never became anxious or overwhelmed, knowing that I had both a loving partner in my husband and knowledgeable leader in lisa to facilitate this natural life process. I had the birth I wanted. I had the birth I didn’t think I could have. It was my body and will that did the work, but it was the confidence lisa instilled in me that got me there. please hire lisa! You will be forever grateful. I know we are!”

– Elizabeth A

“Lisa was very supportive throughout my wife’s pregnancy and birth. We met with her, and she provided us with a lot of great information, took our calls and texts at any time, and really made us feel at ease. When my wife went into labor, Lisa arrived at the hospital within 30 minutes of our call. She stuck by our side the entire time. My wife ended up being very focused throughout the entire process and didn’t request a lot of help, but Lisa was there to answer my questions, and as a partner who is going through a birth for the first time, too, it was invaluable to have her there. She made me feel way more comfortable than I would have on my own. Lisa also took very meaningful candid photos of us holding our baby literally right after the birth. They are such a pleasure to have, and my wife and I look at them occasionally and marvel. Births are all very different. There’s no way to know what you or your partner will need when the time comes, but it was a pleasure working with Lisa, and we were grateful to have her with us throughout the journey. Thank you, Lisa!”

– Kaybex S.

“Lisa was a tremendous help throughout my pregnancy. She was a fantastic resource who pointed me in the right direction every step of the way, which allowed me to have the birth experience that I wanted. As soon as I met Lisa, I knew I was in good hands. Her calm and patient demeanor, as well as knowledge and experience, were what my husband and I were seeking to put our minds at ease as first-time parents. Lisa walked us through the birthing process, explaining our options in order to create the right birth plan for us. She was available throughout my pregnancy for questions and concerns, and was a valuable resource in helping me to gather information to make good decisions pertaining to my pregnancy and impending birth. Once I went into labor, Lisa was right by my side, assisting me through every contraction and guiding my husband and I through each decision the nurses and doctors presented me with at the hospital. I don’t know – nor do I want to think about – what could have happened during my daughter’s birth if Lisa were not there; Her presence allowed me to remain calm, focused, and in control during such an uncertain process. In the end, I had the birth experience I wanted, and the hospital staff adhered to my birth preferences because I relied on Lisa’s expertise and guidance. I appreciated Lisa’s care and compassion from my pregnancy to the birth, and through the days after my daughter was born. If you are unsure of what to expect during childbirth and labor, I highly recommend hiring Lisa. Her expertise provided me, my husband, and our daughter exactly what we needed to make our experience memorable for all the right reasons!”

– Deeann B.

“I feel so lucky that Lisa was the one to help us through labor, birth, and our baby. I spent time researching doulas in the area, but when I came across Lisa’s profile we knew she was the one to see us through this journey. Lisa was supportive, nurturing, and very honest about what to expect and how she could best help us have the experience we wanted. We made plans, she helped me overcome fears, and gave us tools to help us prepare. When that plan didn’t go as expected, Lisa was there by our side to help as things changed rapidly. Throughout the entire process she was a calming presence and made sure our needs were met. Her experience and knowledge helped us make informed decisions and kept things moving in a positive direction. She has real strength for these situations; I know we would not have had a positive birth experience without her. Words can’t express how appreciative we are that she helped both of us focus on the new plan and how to get through it. I was so glad to have her by my side after the baby was born too. Our baby swallowed fluid during birth and my husband watched as they worked on her. Lisa stayed with me and held my hand in what was the scariest 15 minutes of my life. I’m so grateful she was there in a helpless situation. Lisa feels like a part of our family after this experience. The support we felt before, during, and after the birth was unmatched. Before birth, every time I spoke with Lisa she made me feel empowered. Her talks got me through some emotional days and always left me feeling as though I could handle anything. Post baby, her wise words give me the boost I need to refocus and trust my new mom instincts. We will never forget what she has done for our family and know she will be a part of bringing our next baby into the world when the time comes. We love our doula – she would be the best decision for any expectant parents!”

– Lindsey B.

“I cannot say enough about my Doula experience with Lisa. From our first meeting, she wanted to know what my husband and I wanted and did not try and convince me otherwise. She and I meshed instantly. As a first time mom, I had so many questions and she was very patient and stepped through everything with us. Each session with her was extremely informative and we truly felt as prepared (as you can be!) . Delivery day Lisa was right by our side. She ensured that all our requests were met with staff, and was a great resource and supporter. We felt better knowing we had someone on “our side” who had seen what was and wasn’t normal and what the process was. She helped with suggestions to keep me comfortable, keep delivery moving along, etc. She made sure to not step on hospital staff toes, working with the labor and delivery nurses, and making sure my husband was also an important role. She was the background supporter for us, and truly filled the role we had requested of her! Lisa also checked in the next day to make sure things were still going well. Even after we went home I had questions for her and she had answers or she directed me to someone who would be able to answer if she was not sure. I cannot suggest her enough for someone looking for a great support through the pregnancy and delivery process!”

– Melissa B.

“Lisa was an absolute answer to making me feel supported, cared for and remembered. I felt that Lisa listened well before labor and was prepared to guard our intimacy and protect us from an audience, even stepping in and asking family to get food so I could rest. Lisa is knowledgeable, non judgmental and worth every penny! I have absolutely ZERO regret about having a doula. She is there for you, not the hospital, doctor, birth center, only you. If you plan to deliver in a hospital, you need a doula!”

– Alexia R.

“She provided guidance throughout the labor process. She took some of the pressure off, making sure I engaged enough and that I had breaks myself. Lisa definitely supported my wife well. She is worth her weight in gold.”

– Matthew R.

“My wife Anna and I found out almost exactly a year ago that we were pregnant with our first child. After the initial excitement kicked in and we had a chance to collect our thoughts and ideas, we realized just how scared we were of what was in front of us. There are so many unknowns, and questions that you have that it can become overwhelming real fast. So we made the decision to look for doulas. Once we met and interviewed Lisa, we knew we had found our doula! Lisa was well educated on the childbirth process and just at the initial meeting, answered so many of our questions. Once hired, Lisa made a point to stay in regular contact with my wife and offered tips on breathing and other exercises. This regular contact followed through the last week of pregnancy, where 4-5 a.m. calls were typical and Lisa responded immediately, all the way to several weeks after birth. In short, Lisa was there for us when we needed her and that made us feel secure. When we encountered a complication early on, Lisa’s unwavering support helped my wife and I get through it, and everything turned out great! One perspective to point out is from the POV of the father, where one wonders how a doula will fit into your birth support circle. Lisa made a point to keep me involved and there really was no feeling of being left out or replaced in the process. It really felt like she was part of the family! In the end, my wife gave birth to our baby girl on November 19th and she is beautiful! I would absolutely recommend Lisa as a doula for expecting parents. You are going to love what she brings to the table!!”

– Ravi V.

“Lisa was a wonderful resource to both my husband and I during my pregnancy and birth. Lisa was very easy to talk to, and it felt quickly like we had known each other for a long time. She was knowledgeable on so many areas regarding childbirth and many of the natural considerations we were looking at. She was also familiar with the hospital that we were giving birth at which was helpful. Lisa was always very forthcoming with information that we should be considering and put us very much at ease for the entire birthing process. Lisa did so many things during labor to help the process to be as serene as possible. She was a wonderful support person for my husband and I. I am very thankful that we had Lisa with us during our experience. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone that is sincere, caring and genuinely wants to help and cares about the whole family during the entire experience.”

– Rachel C.

“My husband and I were both hesitant about the idea of having a doula at the beginning of my pregnancy, but it turned out that we didn’t understand the role that a doula like Lisa would play. In the beginning of my third trimester we interviewed a few doulas, and instantly felt a connection with Lisa. The others that we interviewed were too ‘hippy’ for us. Lisa had such a well rounded and honest perspective on childbirth as well as perspectives on what CAN happen. She helped work with us on understanding all of the possibilities, choices, realities, and perspectives that were available. She gave us lots of facts to think about and examples from her many past experiences. She helped us realize that our baby would come when she was ready and all we could do was stay happy, healthy, and active until she was ready. Lisa helped us make a comprehensive birth plan, but also explained how the hospital staff may or may not respect our wishes. When the day came, Lisa was at our house within 30 minutes of us texting her at 4 a.m. and she was ready for business. She had everything we could possibly need and was by our side. She immediately helped us make the right decision to get to the hospital quickly because she could tell my labor was progressing quickly. I was so impressed that she knew it was time to go to the hospital. Truth is if we had waited much longer it would have been much harder to get to the hospital in time. During my labor, Lisa was calming, informative, and understanding. She had several great tips and suggestions for our nurse at Winnie Palmer and the nurse was very receptive to her advice. Lisa was an asset to our birth experience, and I would not change a thing about how things unfolded. Lisa helped us walk into our babies birth with an open mind and calm energy, and that was absolutely key to our healthy bundle of joy arriving quickly and safely! The Orlando community is lucky to have her!”

– Skylar V.

“After researching a few doulas who were referred to me and not feeling like they were a good fit, I found Lisa online through a basic Internet search. I found her website informative and provided a good description of her as a doula. I planned a natural birth, but wanted a doula who was open minded and allowed me to have a supported birth process no matter what happened and who provided information about every option, procedure and situation we could face. My husband was very nervous and I wanted a doula to not only help me, but to really include him all along the way. From our first meeting, Lisa showed herself to be kind and informed. Like everything else I do, I was highly informed. But, my husband needed someone to explain things throughout the process. In this, and every other regard, Lisa was a godsend. My ideal birth went out the window when I developed preeclampsia at 38 weeks and had to be induced. Lisa came to the hospital from induction and helped ease our minds and provide loving support. As my labor progressed, my birth plan became a distant memory. Lisa was there all along the way and truly made my husband and I feel like we were aware of our options and helped us feel confident in our decisions. She worked beautifully with our hospital staff, who truly appreciated her presence. When I had to have a c-section Lisa helped my husband through a scary and emotional situation. Since the birth, Lisa has supported us and worked through any birth issues that we may have had. She has truly become a friend and we would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone, any time. Lisa is loving and kind, yet strong and has the ability to stand up when needed for her mothers. I would use her again, should we get pregnant. My husband has repeatedly said she was worth every penny, which is his highest recommendation. I, of course, fully agree!”

– Carolyn R.

“It is hard to put into words my experience with Lisa! My husband and I enjoyed our time with her during our prenatal visits. She is easy to talk to and connect with, full of knowledge and made me feel empowered about the delivery of our baby. She offers knowledge in a non-judgmental way and is very open minded. It is clear that her goal was to assist me in the birth that I desired, not to force her opinions of birth on me. As life will have it, things with birth don’t always go as planned. Having our doula there during the rollercoaster that is our birth story was such a blessing! She provided comfort and reassurance to my husband and I during the most difficult parts of the labor process. My husband and I agree that having her present during the process made us both more at ease and we can’t imagine if it had been just the two of us. She came with her bag of goodies and was ready to provide techniques to help me get through contractions. We really enjoyed getting to know her and spending such an important moment in time with her. I would highly suggest hiring Lisa as your doula!”

– Kelly W.